Harley Tri Glide Hydralift

Hydralift’s HLT5498 Trike Lift: Hydralift offers a specially built power lift for a motorcycle Trike. The HLT5498 is designed to lift and carry most brands of three wheel motorcycle Trikes including many: Champion Trikes, Lehman, Harley Davidson Tri-Glide, Bad Boy Custom, Custom Trikes and others.

The Harley Tri Glide Honda Goldwing TrikeHydralift Motorcycle Trike Carrier Lift is built with an oversize platform that can handle the width of most three wheel motorcycle Trikes. The platform is a reinforced steel square tube design with an aluminum platform cover. The Hydralift Trike Carrier Lift can lift and carry a three wheel motorcycle Trike up to 1,300 lbs.
The Hydralift Trike Carrier Lift is not for everyone and can be installed on only a select few coaches with chassis that have the coach carrying capacity that can support and carry the added weight. So if you have a Trike and the coach and chassis and you are looking for the very best the RV market has to offer then Hydralift does what no one else can do,

the Hydralift Motorcycle Trike Carrier Lift!


Auto locking wheel chockFront Wheel Auto-Locking Chock: In addition to the numerous tie down locations Hydralift provides on the HLT5498 for the three wheel motorcycle trikes Hydralift offers a front wheel auto locking wheel chock as standard equipment. The wheel chock makes loading your motorcycle safer and easier. By using the weight of the motorcycle to hold the front tire firmly into the forward position. As you push off the motorcycle wheel chock will automatically release. The wheel chock is also designed for the Harley Davidson front fender so the motorcycle wheel chock will not interfere with the Harley Davidson fender.


Rear wheel tie down Trike Rear Wheel Anchor Straps: Hydralift has designed as est of strong ratchet straps that can be used to secure the rear wheels on your motorcycle Trike. Hydralift includes two rear wheel anchor straps and two of our popular HL2608 Ratchet Strap tie downs with the HLT5498 motorcycle Trike lift. We make all our Tie-Downs right her in the USA and are made with 12,000 lb industrial grade webbing and premium strength ratchet hardware.


There’s nothing like a Hydralift!

hydraulic systemHydralift’s Heavy Duty Hydraulic System:
Hydralift uses our superior hydraulic lifting system that is both incredibly strong and reliable. The HLT5498 uses our newest heavy duty hydraulics with an upgraded 1,200 lbs. lifting capacity! Hydralift is the most powerful RV Motorcycle Lift on the market.


Trike Lift folded


Storing the Platform:
When not in use or for storage the Hydralift motorcycle Trike Lift’s platform can completely removed from the lift when not in use and kept with your Trike or the HL Trike platform can be
placed into the top of the lift for storage when storing your motorhome.

Place the platform in the stored position:
1: Remove the 4 pins from under the platform.
2: lower the lift to where you want to stor the platform or 1” off the ground.
3: Slide the platform out of the receiver mounts on the HLT Lift
4: Store on the back of your RV or store with your Trike.


Towing with the HLT Trike Lift: When towing with the hydralift trike carrier lift with your trike on the lift you can tow your tow car flat with the use of a tow bar. The towing capacity of the HLT5498 is 5,000 lbs towing weight and -0- tongue weight. Hydralift does not allow for tongue weight when the lift is loaded.With the Hydralift RV mounted motorcycle lift you can carry your motorcycle trike and flat tow your vehicle with the use of a tow bar (not included).


Towing with Hydralift

Hydralift also allows for towing the larger trailers without having to remove the Hydralift by removing the oversize platform from the Hydralift then you can tow your trailer with Hydralift’s class III trailer hitch receiver without interference to the Hydralift motorcycle lift’s platform.

Hydralift The Art of Lifting

Hydralift RV motorcycle lift for RV’s of all kinds

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