5498m: Hydralift's Motorcycle Trike Lift


The 5498m  also known as "The Trike Lift"  The 5498m is a specially built power-lift designed to lift and carry most brands of three-wheel motorcycle Trikes.  With an oversize reinforced steel tube  frame  platform with an aluminum platfform cover that can handle  the width of most Trikes and a powerful  1,300 lb capacity.    The Hydralift Trike Carrier Lift is designed to be installed on the larger diesel pusher motorhome chassis that have the coach carrying capacity tht can support and carry the added weight.

Vertical Storage

The 5498 Platform can be stored vertically or removed to provide additional room for storage.

The 5498m  is built with Hydralift's Heavy Duty high capacity hydraulic system and a reinforced offset-frame allowing the loading of the dual rear tires, adjustable wheel chock,  tie-downs to secure your Trike,  three loading ramps, platform support for additional stability and towing extension with a 5,000 lb towing capacity and LED tail-lights. 

Roll On/Off

Easy Loading / Unloading

Hydralift making loading and unloading easy, simple & safer with short aluminum loading ramps to provide better loading and unloading of your Trike.

Auto Locking System

Automatic Locking

The worlds #1 automatic locking system and is only available on Hydralift! We're keeping your cargo safe and secure with Hydralift’s patented Automatic Locking System.

Ground Clearance

No Driveway Dragging

The Hydralift cargo lift mounts and lifts higher than any power-lift on the market, providing added security and valuable ground clearance.



The Trike Lift comes with a built-in towing extension providing a 5,000 lb towing capacity flat towing your tow-car 000