Hydralift's Patented Design

Hydralift is the #1 power-lift for RV's on the market, and this is because Hydralift provides the most powerful power-lift with a  self-contained hydraulic system that is also the lightest power-lift on the market that also provides easy to use One-person operation  with a patented automatic locking system  with ground level loading and unloading of your motorcycle and is  easily maintained by the owner. 

American Revolution motorhome motorcycle lift
Pheaton Hydralift
Itasca Ellispe motorcycle carrier lift
Gas Chassis motorhome motorcycle carrier

Gas & Diesel Chassis

Hydralift’s RV motorcycle lift is designed to install on most all Class “A” Gas  or  Diesel motorhome chassis. The Hydralift installs  to your RV's chassis frame and not to your trailer hitch.   The Hydralift frame saddle brackets are stronger and more stable than installing with trailer hitch receivers.   The Hydralift frame saddle brackets are universal and will accommodate any chassis frame.   Because of Hydralift’s patented lightweight design and  chassis to frame saddle brackets the Hydralift motorcycle lift can be installed on motorhomes that you can not install other “cable type” lifts.


hydraulic system

Powerful Hydraulics

The Hydralift is a true hydraulic power-lift:

The Hydralift cargo lifts do not use cables, winches or pulleys. Hydralift uses smooth operating hydraulics that are exclusively designed by Hydralift for the RV industry providing the most lifting capacity of any other power-lift on the market. Hydralift's hydraulics simply provides the most reliable, dependable and safest lifting method on earth!

Ground Level Roll on off

Ground Level Roll On/Off

Easy Loading / Unloading

Hydralift making loading and unloading easy & safer with ground level loading of your motorcycle. No more trying to push your motorcycle up an incline of ramps. Simply roll your motorcycle on or off at ground level.

Auto Locking System

Automatic Locking System

Hydralift is keeping your motorcycle safe and secure with Hydralift’s patented Automatic Locking System. This is the worlds #1 automatic locking power-lift system and is only available on Hydralift Motorcycle Lifts!

Ground Clearance

No Dragging in & out of Driveways

The Hydralift motorcycle lift mounts and lifts higher than any power-lift on the market, providing added security and valuable ground clearance.

towing with motorcycle lift carrier



Only Hydralift tows from the RV’s frame not off the mc ramp. Towing from the chassis frame maximizes towing weights to 8,000 lbs and provide tongue weight to 500 lbs. Additionally you are reducing the overall length of your RV to tow-car for increased stability and better tracking.