86 Series Hydralift Platform Lifts

The 86 series is Hydralift’s largest platform lifts and is designed to be installed on the larger diesel pusher motorhomes with enough CCC (coach carrying capacity). The 86 series is designed with Hydralift’s Patented dual articulating top end with triple pivoting Chromoly reinforced upper mounting deck with our heavy duty all extruded aluminum platforms.  The 86 series come in 5 models and and two platform sizes: 5086 (50”x 86”)  and 6086 (62”x 86”), that can be set up with a wide range of accessories and options. The 86 series come set-up with Hydralift’s HD High-Capacity hydraulic system with a powerful 1,300lb  lifting capacity and our automatic platform locking system,  a platform support that provides additional strength and stability for your cargo.  For towing we include a built-in towing-extension for flat towing (tow-bar) with a 5,000 lb towing capacity.   

5086p - Extruded Aluminum 50 x 86 Platform Lift

Electric Car lift

Luxury Golf Carts & Other Oversize Cargo


The 5086p is our universal  50" x 86” extruded aluminum platform flat platform lift and  8 adjustable tie-down anchors and 4 fixed tie-down anchors.   A 50"x86" universal platform that can be used for a wide variety of cargo.  

A great fit for the GARIA Luxury Golf Carts or most other Oversize Golf Carts.



5086SB2 Dual Motorcycle 50 x 86 Platform Lift


The 5086mc2  is our dual motorcycle carrier lift for medium to the larger motorcycles.  This lift is set up with 8 adjustable tie-down anchors including two Hydralift WC3954 adjustable motorcycle wheel chocks and hardware.    

Set up for towing with the use of your existing tow-bar set up.   5,000 lb towing capacity.

6086p - Extruded Aluminum 62 x 86 Platform Lift

CamAm Spyder Trike motorcycle Lift Motorhome


The 6086p  is our universal  62" x 86” extruded aluminum platform flat platform lift with  8 adjustable tie-down anchors and 4 fixed tie-down anchors.   A 62" x 86" universal  platform lift that can be used for a wide variety of cargo.  

Set up for towing with the use of your existing tow-bar set up.   5,000 lb towing capacity

Exclusive Only to Hydralift

To accommodate the additional weight that the Hydralift 86 series provides we have engineered a Heavy Duty industrial grade extruded aluminum platform. The 86 series platforms are stronger than our 42 series platforms with increased strength and durability.
Hydralift’s extrusion design is a unique combination of high strength and lightweight with strength concentrated where it is really needed.
The 86 series platform combines strength with flexibility, and can flex under loads or spring back from the shock of impact and is corrosion resistance (no rusting or coating issues).

Roll On/Off

Easy Loading / Unloading

Hydralift making loading and unloading easy, simple & safer with dovetail loading of your golf cart. Simply drive your ATV or golf cart on or off the Hydralift platform, it's that easy.

Auto Locking System

Automatic Locking

The worlds #1 automatic locking system and is only available on Hydralift! We're keeping your cargo safe and secure with Hydralift’s patented Automatic Locking System.

Ground Clearance

No Driveway Dragging

The Hydralift cargo lift mounts and lifts higher than any power-lift on the market, providing added security and valuable ground clearance.



The 42A4874HBGC comes with a built-in towing extension. With some Jeeps, Trucks and SUV's a short tow-bar extension may be added for additional clearance.

Optional Lighting

Universal Rotating LED Light Kit LTK17EB

The LTK17EB light kit is designed for platforms that can be folded when not in use. The lights are mounted on rotating brackets that allow the lights to rotate as the platform is folded so the tail lights are always visible.    Fits all Hydralift extruded aluminum platforms. 

      • EZ  Install

      • No Drilling

      • Bolt-On Application

      • Universal Mounting 

      • 2 – Thin (eyebrow) sealed LED light

      • Plugs into a Flat-4-wire harness

      • Mounting Hardware