I came upon this Hay-Wagon discarded in a farmers field.  I said to the farmer "I can fix that"  his response was "drag it out of here it's yours".    A little metal work,  tires , paint and of course a Hydralift Extruded Aluminum Deck and in 7 days I towed it to the farm for the farmer to see. 

All his trailers will be getting  Hydralift Extruded Aluminum Decks.

Extruded Aluminum Trailer Decking

There's no end to the things you'll need your farm trailer to do. But the thing that will always be the same is that you will need that farm trailer to stand up to the long days and hard work that come with life on the farm.

We understand how you depend on your farm trailers and that they must always ready to send out to get the job done. When it comes time to replace the trailer deck it is a hassle, time consuming and expensive, so Hydralift has a replacement deck that will never need to be replaced again! 

Agricultural harvest trailer aluminum decking
Hay Trailer extruded aluminum decking

Upgrade your trailers deck!

Hydralift is the world’s leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic systems and power lifts. We are located in one of the world’s largest farm communities and have unparalleled respect and admiration for our hardworking farm community.  

Aluminum decking is a desirable option for trailers because it is lightweight. Not only is aluminum corrosion and rust resistant, many trailer towers find aluminum trailers easier to pull because they are weigh less, which also translates into better fuel economy. The lighter weight of the trailer itself often translates to a higher cargo capacity on a trailer with an aluminum deck.

Harvest Trailer before
Harvest Trailer after Hydralift extruded aluminum trailer deck

Hydraulic Folding Side Trailer Kits

Hydraulic folding sides by Hydralift

Convert your trailer with fixed sides to a Farm Trailer with folding sides!

This kit  allows you to modify a regular cargo trailer to a harvest farm trailer.  At a push of a button the trailer sides will fold downward and out of the way allowing for unobstructed access to the trailers bed for loading and unloading produce, grain or other farm needs. 

This kit is made to order and comes with mounting brackets, hinges, hasps and  the Hydralift hydraulic power system  with hydraulic cylinders and our incredibly dependable hydraulic pump assembly.