Soft Loop Ratchet Tie Downs

What sets the Hydralift Power Strap tie downs apart from other tie downs?2608 tie downs bar

Non-Scratch Soft-Loop Ratchet Tie Downs with Twice the Strength:
While the trend in our industry is to import cheaper, inferior webbing products from other countries, Hydralift supports the USA and manufactures all webbing with 100% first quality yarns. In addition, our cargo straps is F.A.A. & DOT approved.

  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to Use Non-Slip Ratchet
  • 2,500 lb Assembly Strength
  • 883 lb Working Load Limit
  • 3,500 lb Industrial Webbing
  • 3,300 lb Ratchet Strength
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Hooks
  • Built-in Soft Extensions
  • Extended Life vs other straps
  • Corrosion & Rust Resistant Locking Ratchet

Soft Loops: Hydralift has sewn soft loops on both sides of our HL2608 Tie-Down. The soft loops can be used when you are connecting to chrome, or a painted surface that you want a little more protection against scratching or marring. In addition the soft loop can reach around a larger surface for example the Motorcycle’s triple crown to get a better contact point when tying down your motorcycle.

All Hydralift Tie Downs meets or exceeds all standards and guidelines set by the US Dept of Transportation (DOT), Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), and the Web Sling and Tie Down Assoc. (WSTDA).

Caution: When securing your motorcycle never use a worm type tie down, they can become loose while traveling and have poor dependability qualities. Use only a ratchet type tie down shown below. Hydralift now offers a superior quality ratchet tie down, with a built in soft extension and twice the strength of most other brands of tie downs.

Breaking Strength Capacity: The minimum load a component or assembly will withstand before failure. Remember, all assemblies are only as strong as the weakest component used to make them.

Working Load Limit: The maximum load capacity that any given component or assembly should be subjected to during use. Hydralift highly recommends the “working load limit” does not exceed one third (1/3) the “breaking strength capacity” of the component or assembly being used. Working load limits shown on this website are rated at one third of the minimum breaking strength (for example, a strap rated at 2,500 lbs would have a working load limit of 833 lbs).

Rating Load Capacity: Ratings are generally established and/or regulated by industry or legislative standards and may vary from industry to industry. It is the owner’s and user’s responsibility to determine suitability of a product for any particular use. It is recommended that all applicable industry, trade association, federal, state and local regulations are adhered to. Read all operating instructions and warnings carefully. All ratings shown on this website are based on the product being new and used in normal environmental conditions. All products should be inspected regularly. Any worn, deformed, misused or overloaded products should be replaced immediately.

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