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The Ultimate motorcycle enclosure: Hydralift introduces the Hydralift GC4010210  Garage Enclosure. This revolutionary enclosure/cover design is different than any motorcycle cover you have ever seen and is a specially designed motorcycle enclosure/cover that covers your motorcycle on the back of your RV while driving down the road without touching your motorcycle.

  • Easy to Use
  • E-Z Storage
  • Added Security
  • Lightweight
  • Covers your Bike in Seconds
  • Enclosed Aluminum Floor Pan
  • Remove & use as a Portable Garage

Easy to Use: The Hydralift GC4010210 Motorcycle Enclosure is designed for easy use, cover your motorcycle in less than 30 seconds, Hydralift encloses your motorcycle in a touch free environment faster than covering with the traditional bag type cover.

Easy Storge: Hydralift Motorcycle Enclosure folds flat for easy wall storage -or- use at your home garage replacing your old traditional bag type motorcycle cover.

Added Security: Hydralift GC4010210 Motorcycle Enclosure provides a safe place to keep your motorcycle while on the road, camping, or at home

The GC4010210’s Frame: Aluminum tube frame construction. The aluminum tubes are anodized and the hardware is marine impact hardware to give years of durable corrosion free use.

The GC4010210’s Fabric Cover: Hydralift uses a specially formulated fabric to make – the lightest – the strongest – the most durable fabric you will ever find in a motorcycle cover being used today. The Hydralift Motorcycle Enclosure has outstanding resistance to UV rays as well as providing superior water repellent protection and is mildew resistance. The GC4010210 Fabric Cover has excellent flexibility to provide easy handling and storage and is designed to limit the stretching you will get with other canvas material

A Portable Garage for your Motorcycle: The Hydralift GC4010210 Motorcycle Enclosure can easily be removed for use at home or while on the road as a stand-alone motorcycle garage, keeping your motorcycle next to your RV in a home of it’s own.

Additional Portable Mounting: Hydralift provides additional hardware and instructions for having an additional frame to take with you or keep at home. The portable frame is easy to use and lightweight and can be folded to about 4″ wide and stored in your RV’s storage compartment for use with the GC4010210 Enclosure on the road as a stand alone garage.
aluminum motorcycle lift coverThe HLP8018 Aluminum Ramp Cover: A specially designed aluminum floor cover encloses the bottom of your Hydralift motorcycle ramp completing the Hydralift GC4010210 Cover on your standard Hydralift motorcycle ramp.


Bolt-on applicationAC obj498geo409pg13p29 The LTKHLGC, LED Light Kit is designed to be used together with the Hydralift HLP8018 aluminum platfomr and/or the GC4010210 Garage Cover with the HLP8018 platform installed.

  • No drilling required


Hydralift RV motorcycle lift for RV’s of all kinds

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