Adding a Tie down location forward to the motorcycle ramp

Forward Tie Down Mount HD
Harley Davidson with Fairing
TDF32 front view
Add a Tie Down Location
Tie Down Goldwing motorcycle
Great for Honda Goldwing


Forward tie down


The Forward Tie Down Anchor Mount our part number TDF32 adds an additional set of Tie-Down locations to the furthest location of the motorcycle ramp. This moves your Tie-Downs straps out and away from fiberglass faring also adding added security and stability for the larger size motorcycles.

The Hydralift HL4288 has 4 Tie-Down locations and are well located for most motorcycles. The TDF32 Forward Tie Down is designed for the larger motorcycles that have a full front fairing as with the Honda Goldwing.

  • Direct Bolt-on Application
  • EZ Install
  • No Drilling Required




Extended Ramp Length: In addition to adding a forward Tie-Down location the TDF32 can also be used to extend the overall length of the motorcycle ramp by and additional 3″ (see example below)

TDF32 compare

Normal & Extended

There is some cases when you may want to extend the front of the Hydralift motorcycle ramp forward and the Hydralift TDF32 Forward Tie Down Location can do just that. Some examples maybe: Added rear storage bags extending the overall length, Center the motorcycle on the Hydralift platform or longer or extended length motorcycle (Goldwing).


Great when combined with our:



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