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Installation And Removal

Installing a Hydralift: Because of the unique patented design and installing procedures the Hydralift RV mounted motorcycle lift the lift can be installed on most class “A” gas and diesel chassis that other power-lifts can not be installed on. Included with the Hydralift Motorcycle Lift are our custom mounted saddle brackets that are universal enough so that you are not limited to only one type of install. Hydralift designed our mounting saddle brackets to allow the Hydralift to be installed in many different ways to satisfy your own particular installation without compromising valuable ground clearance.

The Hydralift’s RV mounted motorcycle lift can be permanently installed or if you wish to completely remove the lift the RV motorcycle lift can be installed for easy and quick removal.

Hydralift Frame Saddle Brackets: The Hydralift installation saddle brackets are modified by your installer to fit your exact body and chassis. The Hydralift saddle frame brackets are included with every Hydralift and can be adapted to fit any type of RV & chassis. Hydralift Frame Saddles brackets install directly to the chassis frame and provides the strongest and most Lightstable install over a trailer hitch receiver type of install. This is because receivers inherently allow movement the Hydralift frame saddles reduce or eliminate this movement providing a much more stable install. In addition Hydralift’s convenient bolt together saddles are easier and faster to use than a typical receiver type install.

Once the saddle brackets are installed to the RV chassis the Hydralift motorcycle lift is bolted onto the saddle brackets. If you wish to remove your Hydralift it is a snap with Hydralift’s easy to use installation saddles. You simply lower the RV mounted motorcycle lift to the ground then remove the 4 bolts to each of the two mounting saddles and drive the RV away. Have you ever tried to remove something that has 3 fixed receivers that weights 300-500 lbs or how about a more difficult challenge try re-installing the lift to find that one receiver does not align perfectly.

Solution: The Hydralift RV mounting saddles you can be inches off and the lift will still align.

Compact and Lightweight: The Hydralift RV motorcycle lift is a portable motorcycle lift for the RVand motorhome, used for raising heavy objects as with a motorcycle, ATV or golf cart. The hydraulic lifting system is compact and lightweight utilizing two hydraulic rams and a single hydraulic pump. Hydralift’s hydraulic system offers easy operation and are fast acting components with built in release for rapid lowering. The heavy duty chassis prevents the lift from twisting or bending under extreme operations. Hydralift’s hydraulic system is designed to give smooth and constant lifting combined with the unique total lifting capacity of the Hydralift RV motorcycle lift. From a light load to the heaviest load you will find the superior hydraulics components seem to make your motorcycle lift on your RV move consistently and effortlessly no mater the weight the motorcycle lift is lifting.

Lifting Height: The Hydralift RV mounted motorcycle lift mounts and lifts higher than any power-lift on the market providing added security and valuable ground clearance.

The installation saddle brackets can be installed about 20″ off the ground and in some cases much higher, as with some diesel RV’s with air dump. Your Hydralift installer can tailor your install to best suite your RV and type of motorcycle.

Ground Clearance: With the Hydralift RV mounted motorcycle lift you know the Hydralift is not the lowest point of your RV. If you were to install a motorcycle lift at bumper height (as with most other brands of motorcycle lifts made for RV’s) this would reduce your rear end ground clearance exposing your coach to drag in and out of some driveways.

If you reduce your ground clearance (I do not need to tell you what happens when going over speed bumps and in and out of driveways) what you may not realize is the RV may weigh 30,000 lbs plus and the scraping you maybe hearing or not hearing could be serious damage to your RV’s chassis. If your lift is installed low enough to be the culprit, the integrity of the lift and the stability of your motorcycle on the lift itself may become compromised.
The Hydralift RV mounted motorcycle lift provides outstanding ground clearance, the most of any power-lift on the market. With a Hydralift RV mounted motorcycle lift you do not have to worry about your RV dragging or digging into the asphalt.
Your Motorcycle Stays Cleaner: In addition to the added ground clearance, the added stability, the added security the Hydralift RV mounted motorcycle lifts provides their is another advantage that Hydralift provides.With a Hydralift motorcycle lift on your RV you are lifting your motorcycle up and out of the way of the usual dirt and grime of the road keeping your motorcycle cleaner and you also gain added safety and is a great theft deterrent.

Folds for Storage: If you are removing the RV mounted motorcycle lift because you wish to tow a trailer with tongue weight as with every other brand of power-lift then STOP! With the Hydralift RV mounted motorcycle lift you do not need to remove anything! Simply fold the Hydralift platform to the rear of the RV and hook-up your tow trailer and you are on your way. Yes, I said fold the RV motorcycle lift to the back of your RV. This is also convenient for when you are not traveling with your motorcycle or you to want to place your RV in storage or in your RV garage and the added length of a motorcycle lift is a problem.

With the Hydralift RV mounted motorcycle lift storage is not a problem, simply pull the two quick release pins and fold the RV motorcycle lift’s ramp up and out of the way.

Hydralift motorcycle lift folded


Complete Engine Access / No engine access restrictions!
Complete Engine Access / No engine access restrictions!

Rear Access / No Rear Obstruction: Most RV’s either have a rear engine compartment door or on many gas chassis RV’s you may have a rear storage compartment. With all other power-lifts you may have to remove the power-lift to gain access to the rear compartment. With Hydralift RV motorcycle lifts there is no obstruction to the rear of your RV. This is because when operating the Hydralift RV motorcycle lift the complete lift moves together as one piece out and away from the rear of your RV allowing unobstructed access to your rear storage or engine compartment.

E-Z Loading & Unloading

Roll On s11The Hydralift Motorcycle Lift lowers to the ground so you can easily load and unload your motorcycle at ground level.


Hydralift RV motorcycle lift for RV’s of all kinds

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