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When you purchased your Hydralift motorcycle lift you should have received a User Manual and Registration Card. It is very important to register your Hydralift motorcycle lift with Hydralift Tech Support. The only way Hydralift can keep you informed of any service bulletins or product updates or upgrades that become available for your Hydralift is by you registering your Hydralift in a timely manner. If your Hydralift is not registered Hydralift Motorcycle Lifts will not be responsible for any service bulletins, product information updates or product updates. In addition non registration will cause a delay and further limit our warranty coverage. If you have not sent in your Hydralift motorcycle lift registration card you can use this form below to register your Hydralift on-line. If you purchased your Hydralift used it is still important to register your Hydralift and check to make sure the lift you have is up-to-date and if there is any service bulletins that may involve your Hydralift Serial Number.


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The information we collect is for registration only and is not shared with any other company in anyway.

Your Hydralift Serial Number is required for this form. Make sure you have the complete Serial Number the last 4 numbers are usually stamped into the metal ID Plate not printed.

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