HYDRALIFT 42A4648 Cargo Lift

42A4648Hydralift offers a line of platform lifts that provide a variety of cargo carrying ability.  The Hydralift 42A4648 is the base unit lift that you can add a your own platform or rails to fit your cargo needs.   The 42A4648 has a 700 lb* capacity and does not include rails, platform or towing extension.
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  • Great for ATV’s – Scooters – Smaller Cargo
  • 700 lb carrying capacity 
  • See available options below


HYDRALIFT 42A4648 Cargo Lift with options installed

ATV on Motorhome Hydralift
ATV on Motorhome Hydralift

Example of setting up the Hydralift 42A4648 Lift.   Cargo: 4-wheeler ATV,  Weight 628 lbs.  The below options are added to the 42A4648 Lift:

  • HLAP2474:  (2) Extruded Aluminum Platform 
  • 48PE:  Dovetail Entrance and Wheel Stop 
  • HL 2608:  (4)  Ratchet Tie Down Straps 
  • HLAPS:  Platform Support and Towing Extension


* Professional installation is required for this product, welding, metal fabrication & frame reinforcement maybe required.  Do not exceed the manufacturers Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.



The HLAP2474 Extruded Aluminum Platform  is 24″x 74″ in size  and is extremely strong and lightweight, providing maximum strength with the lightest possible added weight.

Use 2 HLAP2474 for a 48″x 74″ platform

  • Strong & Lightweight
  • 8 Tie-Down Anchors
  • Direct Bolt-on Application  
  • EZ Install 
  • No Drilling Required  



48PE Dovetail Wheel Stop

  • Reversible use as two entrances or a entrance and wheel stop
  • Joins 2 HLP2474 platform to make one 48×74″ platform
  • Strong & Lightweight
  • EZ Bolt-on Application  
  • No Drilling Required  



If your cargo considered over size or near max weight or you want more stability for your cargo on your Hydralift the HLAPS adds stability in addition the HLPS will extend your tow bar out 18” for better clearance your tow car to the lift’s platform.

  • Platform Support
  • Towing Extension
  • EZ Bolt-on Application
  • No Drilling  



Wireless LED tail light kitInstalling tail lights on any of our platforms are a bit of a trick because of the pivoting motion the wire cable must be able to expand and contract and many times can get caught in the pivot arms causing a short.  The LTKWLS wireless LED lights are a great fix for this as there is no wires!

  • Special Made Mounting Brackets
  • LED Tail-Lights 
  • Wireless Sending Unit 
  • No Drilling  – Bolt on 



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