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Hydralift’s Automatic Locking System keep your Motorcycle Safe and Secure

The Patented Automatic Locking System is made up of 2 individual locking arms that are timed together with a single lever release. As the lift is raised into the travel position the automatic locking system engages to lock the lift into place in the travel position. To release the locking system the lift must first be raided by energizing the Hydralift hydraulic system to raise the lift off the locking pins then using the a single release lever to release both locking arms is used to disengage the locking system and lower the lift to the ground for loading or unloading.

The Hydralift locking system is our patented design and is only available on the Hydralift RV motorcycle lifts. With new Hydralift RV motorcycle lift’s new design we have remove all the old locking linkage and adjusting rods and replaced this with a single solid steel cam bar making sure lifts locks will always be in proper synchronized time.

When activated the RV motorcycle lift’s locking arms drop down wrapping around a 1″ solid steel pin.
How the Automatic Locking System works: When the Hydralift RV motorcycle lift is raised into position the locking arms automatically raise allowing the RV motorcycle lift to extend to full height.
As you push the down button of the RV motorcycle lift’s remote control the locking arms automatically drop down onto a 1″ solid steel pin that holds the lift in the travel position.
The advantage to the user is there is no manual apparatus to remember to install like with pins or bolts that can be misplaced, damaged, fall out or you may even forget to install the separate set pins at all.


Releasing the Locks

To release the motorcycle lift’s automatic locking mechanism you simply push the up button on your RV motorcycle lift’s remote control. The lift will raise the lift off the locking shafts. As the RV motorcycle lift raises simply push a single release lever to release locks on both sides of your motorcycle lift.

The lift and your motorcycle will lower to the ground.
The Hydralift RV motorcycle lift’s automatic locking system assures secure stable storage and transport of your motorcycle.

Hydralift RV motorcycle lift for RV’s of all kinds

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