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If you are looking for a way to bring along your two smaller motorcycles or an ATV or Golf Cart or just want a universal cargo platform, Hydralift just maybe what you are looking for. Hydralift builds a variety of specialty lifts and adapters to accommodate a wide range of cargo.

Who ever said: “You can’t take it with you” Obviously didn’t have a Hydralift Motorcycle Lift!

golf cart platform atvThe HLA4648 Platform Adaptor: The HLA4648 is an optional add-on adaptor that is made to replace the standard single motorcycle ramp on the HL4288 Hydralift Motorcycle Carrier Lift.

With the Hydralift HLA4648 adaptor installed to your Hydralift Motorcycle Carrier Lift you can install a wide variety of different size Ramps, Rails, or a single Platform for various cargo.

Hydralift also offers a series of options to simplify and aid in securing and loading your motorcycle see the Hydralift accessory pages.
The Hydralift HLA4648 Platform  Adaptor can be adapted to carry a Quad, ATV, Golf Cart, 2 Scooters, or other cargo with a total combined weight not to exceed 800lbs* and a platform size up to 50”x96”**
Hydralift also offers a series of accessories and options to simplify and aid in securing and loading your motorcycle see the Hydralift accessory pages. Assembly is require, allow for 2 hours to assemble and place ramps or platform. The HLA4648 adapter does not come with motorcycle rails/ramps or a platform. A outer frame is required when installing rails/ramps

The HLA4648 Platform Adapter will not fold to the rear of the RV for easy storage. Once installed the sports adapter can be easily removed as a complete assembly and the original single motorcycle ramp can be reinstalled for the heavier motorcycle.

*800lb capacity is the total weight added to the HLA4648 = weight of the platform added and your cargo (Example if you build a platform that weights 150lbs your available capacity is 650 lbs.)

Golf Cart ATV Quad motorhome lift
**Do not exceed a platform size of 50”x96”


HLAP2474 Extruded Aluminum Platform

The HLAP2474 Extruded Aluminum Platform is extremely strong and lightweight. Two HLAP2474 are required for use as a 48″ x 74″ platform. This is a direct Bolt-on accessory for the HLA4648 Adaptor .

When ordering order 2 – HLAP2474 for a 48″ x 74″ platform, do not exceed the weight limit of the HLA4648 for additional support use our HLPS, Platform Support.


48PE Entrance & Wheel Stop  48″

The 48PE adds a set of entrance on both sides or an entrance on one side and a wheel stop of the other.   The 48PE is 48” wide and this is perfect addition for combining two of the HLAP2474 to build a 48”x74” platform.

An additional set of hardware so you can move the tie down anchors to a new location if needed for your cargo.


HLPS Platform Support & Towing Extension

For more stability for your platform and as a receiver extension Hydralift offers the HLAPS Platform Support.


  • If your cargo considered over size or near max weight you will may need to add more stability to your Hydralift platform. The HLAPS adds stability in addition the HLPS will extend your tow bar out 18” for better clearance to the lift’s platform.
  • The HLPS does not increase your carrying capacity
  • When using the HLPS no trailer tongue weight can be added. The HLPS can be used as a Tow-Bar extension (FLAT-Towing only) No Tongue Weight Allowed.


Hydralift The Art of Lifting

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