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Hydralift offers a series of custom built platform lifts

If your needs are more than the standard HLA4648 is designed for and your coach has enough coach carrying capacity Hydralift has a series of lifts to accommodate your needs.

42A4648Hydralift offers a line of platform lifts that provide a variety of cargo carrying ability.  The 42A4648 is the base unit for building a cargo lift.   Install your own 48″x74″ platform or rails to fit your cargo needs or use one of Hydralift’s available options from our platform accessory list.     

The 42A4648 has a capacity of cargo up to 700 lbs.

42A4648 does not include a platform.      Add the HLAPS platform support for added stability.


For heavier cargo see the 42A4874HBGC


42A4874HBGC HYBRID 48×74 Cargo Lift

The 42A4874HBGC is a specialty built lift set up for most Golf Carts (gas or battery).  With  Hydralift’s Heavy Duty high capacity hydraulic system providing plenty of power to lift the larger and heavier golf cart/cargo and a lightweight 48″x 74″ extruded aluminum platform  and 8 adjustable tie-down anchors you can use the 42A4874HBGC for a wide range of cargo.    The 42A4874HBGC also provides you with additional stability with the Hydralift platform support and a towing extension to extend your tow-bar for additional clearance. The 48A4874HBGC Lift as a fold option  for storage when not in use.

The  48A4874HBGC is a good match for most Golf Carts and ATV’s  providing flat towing with a Tow-Bar only

The 42A4874HBGC has a capacity of cargo up to 1,000 lbs.


see the 4896P  for oversize carts



4896P / 48″x 96″ Platform Cargo Lift
5096RHD  –  5096SB2 / 50″x 96″ HD Platform Cargo Lift

The 4896P Lift is a specialty built lift that with a universal 48″x96″ bolt-together platform, with steel frame and aluminum sheet insert.  The 4896 & 5096 series lifts use Hydralift’s heavy duty hydraulic system  for maximum lifting capacity.  The 4896P also provides 4 custom tie-down anchors located at the strongest contact point for securing your cargo.   A platform support that provides additional stability and strength for the platform & a towing extension with 5,000 lb towing capacity for flat towing (tow-bar) only.  Other options are available for the 4896P.       5096RHD  is a heavy duty version of the 4896P lift but with a special designed platform adapter reinforced built with  Chromoly Steel and triple pivoting arms to distribute the weight on a 50″x96″  with reinforced aluminum rails or aluminum sheeting and additional tie-down anchors for custom cargo.   5096SB2 is designed and outfitted for 2 motorcycles.


Flat towing with a Tow-Bar only


6096 – 88525 Side-by-Side 60×96 Lift

The  6096 –  88525 Side-by-Side Lift.  This is a specialty built to fit some not all Side-by-Sides.  Providing a larger oversize 60″ x 96″ bolt together platform,  reinforced aluminum rails, the Hydralift high capacity hydraulic system,  a triple pivoting adapter reinforced with Chromoly steel,  wheel stops,  tie-down anchors, stabilizing platform support  that aids in keeping the oversize load stable and safe while traveling and finally we include a trailer hitch extension to extend outward your tow bar for towing a small car up to 5,000 lbs. (flat towing only). 



Flat towing with a Tow-Bar only


Hydralift The Art of Lifting

Hydralift RV motorcycle lift for RV’s of all kinds

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