4285 5th Wheel Motorcycle Lift

Hydralift has worked together with 5th wheel chassis manufacturers to develop a specially designed motorcycle lift exclusive built to align with the 5th wheel chassis frame. Hydralift uses a one piece welded body that is strong but lightweight utilizing tube frame construction that is powered by Hydralift’s new generation 12v hydraulic system. Hydralift’s patented design along with Hydralift’s hydraulic system to make the lightest and most powerful power-lift on the market built exclusively for the 5th wheel chassis.  

The Hydralift can be mounted on some, not all 5th wheels trailers. Every 5th wheel application is a custom fit application to your 5th wheel's body and chassis. Further information will be required to determine the fit of application including information required to reinforce the trailer’s frame prior to installing a Hydralift. The Hydralift’s lifting capacity is 1,000 lbs but is always restricted to the 5th wheel’s GVWR as to the available chassis carrying capacity (just because Hydralift will pick it up does not mean your chassis can carry it). If in doubt email support@hydralift-usa.com about your specific application.


Ground Level Roll on off

Roll On/Off

Easy Loading / Unloading

Hydralift making loading and unloading easy & safer with ground level loading of your motorcycle. No more trying to push your motorcycle up an incline of ramps. Simply roll your motorcycle on or off at ground level.

Auto Locking System

Automatic Locking

The worlds #1 automatic locking system and is only available on Hydralift! We're keeping your cargo safe and secure with Hydralift’s patented Automatic Locking System.

5th wheel motorcycle height

Ground Clearance

No Driveway Dragging

The Hydralift cargo lift mounts and lifts higher than any power-lift on the market, providing added security and valuable ground clearance.

Folds for Storage

Folds for Storage

When not in use the Hydralift can be folded to reduce length for easy storage 000