LARGE PLATFORM CARRIER LIFT   5096 – 5096SB2  –  6096


5096SB2 - 6096

The 50/60 series Hydralift is a dual articulating power-lift.  The top end is a triple pivoting platform that is reinforced with Chromoly steel and secures a universal 50” or 60” x 96” bolt-together platform, with a steel frame and aluminum sheet insert with 4 tie down connection located at the strongest point of the lift for securing cargo mounted. The 50/60 series lifts use Hydralift’s heavy duty hydraulic system for maximum lifting capacity.  A platform support that provides additional stability and strength for the platform & a towing extension with a 5,000lb capacity for flat towing (tow-bar) only.

5096p:  Is Hydralift’s 50×96 platform cargo lift

6096p:  Is Hydralift’s 60×96 platform cargo lift

5096SB2: Is Hydralift’s dual motorcycle lift built on the 6096 chassis with 50” of useable platform space for carrying two larger motorcycles.

Electric Car lift

The Hydralift 50/60 96 Lift is a specially built lift with a universal 50″ & 60″ x 96″ platform.  These lifts can be set up with a aluminum sheet insert or HD rails depending on your cargo.  The 5096GC is specially  built for the Garia Cart a Luxury street legal electric carts. These carts are larger and heavier than the normal golf cart and will not fit on our 42A4874HBGC “Golf Cart Lift” .   The 5096SB2 is specially built for two motorcycles with automatic wheel chocks and multiple tie down anchor locations.   The chassis of the platform adapter is a triple pivoting platform that is reinforced with strong Chromoly steel that carries the oversize platform that the cargo platform sits upon.

HLPS Platform Support & Towing Extension: The 4896 & 5096 lifts comes with our HLPS / Platform Support. This support installs from the lift’s frame body to the sports adapter, this adds stability for your cargo.

Towing: The HLAPS not only adds stability in addition the HLPS is used to extend your tow bar out 18” for better clearance to the lift’s platform. The HLPS is used as a platform support and a Tow-Bar extension (FLAT-Towing only) No Tongue Weight Allowed.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic System: Hydralift designed a hydraulic system that is specially built for this lift combination. Hydralift designed a heavy duty high capacity hydraulic pump assembly and larger hydraulic cylinders for additional lifting capacity and special valving to control rise and descent.

Folds for Storage:  Add the optional FLDK to any Hydralift Platform Lift  to provide a folding for storage option. Hydralift has engineered a platform adapter and lift components that adds the folding feature to our platform lifts. Folding is done manually by disconnecting the pulling arm and installing shackle keeper brackets and hardware. This is a bolt on kit no drilling is required, regular hand tool are required . For safety reasons folding requires two adults to safely fold placing a platform lift into storage.

Do not exceed your GVWR or coach carrying capaicity.

Welding & metal fabrication is required with all 50/60 series installs.

Adjustable Wheel Chocks

Ratchet Tie downs with dual soft loops

Accessories for Platform Lifts:


HL2608 11s r TN


Wireless LED tail light kit


FLD kit 180





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