How does he do that?

How does he do that?

The Hydralift 50CLS Cargo Swing

It's no longer a level playing field

Hydralift’s 50CLS Swing is simply the strongest and most stable Cargo Swing made.

With a single touch your cargo will move so smoothly no matter the weight

The 50CLS is so unique that it has been awarded 21 patent claims for design, engineering and function.

Cargo Carriers are extremely popular and can be used for work, recreation or other necessities. Over the years, the vehicle’s cargo carrier has evolved and incorporated complex features. One feature is the ability to swing the cargo and or platform out and away from the vehicle providing access to your vehicle’s rear door, compartments or other devices.

The issue is with every single cargo carrier on the market today is when the carrier is loaded with the weight of its cargo it is then rotated out and away from the vehicle causing extreme cantilever weight. The cantilever weight is transferred to a bolt or bushing or bearing. As the cargo becomes heavier, so does the cantilever weight and pressure/force at the rotating point. This increased cantilever weight will have undesirable effects on your cargo and carrier (Newton’s 2nd Law) such as increased friction and increased stress that will cause excessive wear, deformation, fatigue and failure.

50CLS addresses the issues of stress and friction, by compensating for the weight applied by displacing the weight to the cargo carrier by equalizing the cantilever weight. The weight displaced is equal to the cantilever weight thus reducing stress and friction placed on the pivoting axis. This allows the 50CLS to carry and rotate an increased amount of cargo weight over any other swing arm type cargo carriers.

The uses for the Hydralift 50CLS Swing is ENDLESS!

500674S Swing Lift 500 lbs