50S installing

The 50 series is designed as a completely bolt-on application.  That means the 50 series installs on most vehicles with normal hand tools and no welding no metal fabrication. The Hydralift 50 series installs to most all class III/IV trailer hitch receivers and adds two patented tethering stabilizers keeping your cargo safe, stable and secure.

50s Lift only

One HYDRALIFT so_So_SO_ many choices !

Hydralift BR04 & BR06 Bicycle Carrier Lift

E-Bikes are simply Awesome and as the Bicycle evolves so did the weight to 60-150 lbs each.  Have you tried to lift your E-Bike onto your vehicle Bike- Carrier? if is so I do not need to tell you there must be a better-way.   I have heard all the tips and tricks to make “EZ Loading”.  Well let me tell you the REAL tip and trick for “EZ Loading”  your E-Bikes  . . . . . .  .  Get a Hydralift!

The Hydralift series 50s is designed as a modular system that provides you with options to carry just about anything your vehicle can handle.  The BR series is our Bicycle Carrier providing you the options to convert almost any existing E-Bike rack/carrier to a power up carrier.  At Hydralfit we build the means to lift just about anything safely and securely.    The Hydralift 50s is designed as a bolt on installation with normal hand tools and is universal,  you can enterchange a wide verity of interchangeable top ends going from carrying your E-Bikes to carrying your motorcycle/scooter or even an outdoor kitchen or all the camping gear you desire.

Remember the real EZ Loading tip is

“Get a Hydralift”

Custom Fitted E-Bike Carrier Lift

Hydralift will build you a custom fitted Bike Carrier for you’re E-Bikes/Bicycles, based on how many bikes, weight and size, or you can integrate your existing E-Bike carrier to a Power-up Hydralift.

Hydralift' BRA24 Universal Bicycle Adaptor

Hydralift makes it simple to convert  your existing bicycle carrier to a Power-up carrier with the Hydralift 50s.

Use your own Bicycle Carrier:

The Hottest things out right now is the Electric motorcycles and scooters, they are lightweight and easy to charge. With the Hydralift BRA24 Adaptor you can make your bicycle carrier a Power Carrier


If you want even more veristially you can use our 502475 Lift that  comes with a 24"x 74" extruded aluminum platform and mount your E-Bike Carrier on our platform making it removable so you are neve limited by loss of cargo space.  

The uses for the Hydralift 500 series Lift is ENDLESS!