Hydralift 502474: Lightweight cargo lift built specially for the smaller RV, Trucks and Vans. This Mini Hydralift is so universal that it can be installed on most all Class B & C smaller chassis Motorhomes as well as most trucks and vans including the Sprinter and Transit Vans. Don’t let the size and lightweight fool you this is a real power lift and has a 500lb capacity! Strong and Powerful and easy to use makes this lift the perfect fit for most smaller RV’s, Trucks and Vans.

Hydralift designed this lift as a completly bolt-on application, that means the Mini Hydralift installs with normal hand tools and no welding no metal fabrication with most all installs. The Hydralift 502474 (Mini Hydralift) installs to most all class III trailer hitch receivers and adds two patented tethering stabilizers keeping your cargo safe, stable and secure.

Towing: The Mini Hydralift has a built in towing receiver so you can carry your cargo and tow your towed car, jet ski or small fishing boat*

Jeep Wrangler with a Hydralift .  .  .  .  .  .  .  why not !

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Cargo Carrier
  • Truck Cargo Lift
  • Truck Bed Extension 
  • Tail-Gate Party

There is Nothing Like a Hydralift ! 

Hydralift Class B – C  Cargo Lift  Powerful & Lightweight:  Hydralift has designed the ultimate cargo lift for the smaller chassis.  The 502474 (mini Hydralift) weighs only 145 lbs and can lift and carry weights up to 500 lbs.  The 502474 uses a patented hydraulic electric actuator we designed specifically for the 502474 lift.

hydraulic system

Bolt-on Installation:  The Hydralift 202474 lift has designed a completly adjustable installation  kit that will fit most all 2″  class III trailer hitch towing receivers.  The patented design of this kit allows adjustments in almost every way possible.  In and out, up and down and side to side, this kit will simplify your installation of the 502474 lift.

Extruded Aluminum Platform: The Hydralift 502474 lift uses a 24″ x 74″ extruded aluminum platform.  This is very light in weight but extremely strong.  The lift also provides a set of dovetails that can be used to aid in loading and unloading or can be reversed as a wheel stop.   Also included are 2 anchor tie down locations that are integrated into the extruded aluminum platform.

Storage:  The Hydralift 502474 lift can be removed from the vehicle or can easily be folded  and stored on the back of the vehicle when not in use.

Towing with Hydralift:  Hydralift provides a 2″ towing receiver that can be used for towing your car, or most small unility trailers up to 5,000 lbs and 500 lb tongue weight*.

* 1.  do not exceed the vehicle trailer hitch rating or the vehicle manufacturers weight carrying capacity.  2. any weight added to the Hydralift is considered tongue weight and will reduce any available tongue weight.

Hydralift Accessories

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Hydralift The Art of Lifting

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