About our HLWC39 Automatic Wheel Chock: For any motorcycle Tie-down system to be safe and secure there must be a way of insuring that the motorcycle once tied down and secured, will not move.

The best means of accomplishing this is by preventing forward motion, preventing the front wheel from turning and by using tie-down straps to pull the bike down on the suspension and forward against the wheel chock. The idea of a roll-on wheel lock is a good one, for a trailer application.

When installed on a lift situation the problem comes when your try to remove your motorcycle, you do not have the room a trailer has and in many cases your motorcycles are much heaver than a light weight dirt bike or scooter requiring much more muscle to walk your motorcycle back to release the wheel lock.


The HLWC39 Auto Wheel Chock Will: When traveling will keep forward wheel motorcycle wheel automatic chockpressure aiding in stabilizing your motorcycle.
Aid you with loading your motorcycle. Once engaged the HLWC will temporally hold your motorcycle upright giving you time to attach your tie downs.The HLWC is engineered to allow much easier removal than a traditional wheel lock system. Made in the USA.

Hydralift RV motorcycle lift for RV’s of all kinds

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